The beflattered team, all in our 40s, 50s and 60s have tried a lot of great products available for Cellulite and we all agree one product is NOT going to make it go away overnight.

We firmly believe that the only approach is all round change – in fact we believe this for every problem ageing brings us. Treat it from inside and outside out and perhaps mend some of your errant ways.

Taking a good Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement - click for choice.   On their own they are great health insurance all round and especially for your skin. Choose one formulated for the different times in your life.

Evening Primrose Oil is good for improving skin elasticity and helps to create firmer skin amongst many other things. Works synergistically with B6 Complex.

Green Tea is a fantastic source of
antioxidants so good for your all round anti ageing but particularly known for gently increasing metabolic rate and so converting food into energy.

Chose a low acidic 
 anti-inflammatory diet.

Keeping your body in regular working order ensuring waste doesn't hang around is important for overall health. We think keeping your Colon and Bowels  healthy and moving is vital.
Chlorella has the ability to 'grab onto' unwanted materials, pollutants and heavy metal residues.   As it passes through the digestive system  it pulls and then flushes from the body with the rest of the waste.

A  pre blended oil  to take internally every day from a good source will have direct benefits for skin improvement. We love Viridians Skin Repair Oil.

Skin Stimulating
This is a great all round discipline for skin improvement and you’ll never look back. Read our take on Skin Brushing and its benefits

And of course the topical creams We love the finds in the Pharmacy as often all the money is in the formula and not the fancy packaging that’s why we think Pharmagel is a great brand.

For Cellulite their dermatologists say that Pharmagel Pharmagel Slender Shaper represents a dynamic contemporary clinical advancement in the treatment of cellulite and fatty areas of the body, legs, tummy and arms. Pharmagel report that this highly advanced “reducing” formula increases fat metabolism while offering the benefits of dermal smoothing and toning thus having a dramatic effect on the skin and its tone.

We’ve had a go and we all agreed that it made us look and feel better about our cellulite. The massive shopping list of ingredients reads like a recipe for success too. With Aloe Vera,Copper, Shitake Mushroom, Mannentake Mushroom, Caramel, Cocoa, Vitamin B & C, Licorice Extract, Green Tea to name but a few.

Having a tan
Its well known too that having a tan makes cellulite look less noticeable and it also makes you feel good about yourself, well that is if you’ve put it on right and practice makes perfect and so does a good formula and don’t underestimate that. Orange peel skin texture shouldn’t be orange too!

At we think the best by a mile is Fake Bake all their self tan formulas are tinted with a wash-off cosmetic guide colour so you can see where you put it which is really important.

Fake Bake is made from only the finest naturally derived ingredients that give you a tan that lasts up to 50% longer than others.

The first thing you need to do is pick the right product for you and your skin tone and also your competency.

We really like Fake Bake Gradual Self Tan for beginners and those with fair skin. The award winning Original Self Tanning Lotion also gets a big thumbs up.

FakeBake Gradual Self Tan for Fair Skin FakeBake Original Self Tan Lotion FakeBake Dual Purpose Mitt

Use with the Dual Purpose Mitt to apply and buff up ensuring your tan is even and natural looking and your cellulite is less noticeable, you'll look healthier and feel younger.