What is Cellulite?

We think most women except Ms Moss have cellulite and it’s the bane of every woman’s life. Some doctors refuse to recognise it as a condition which is very frustrating considering it’s staring most of us in the face everyday!

So, what is this dreaded cellulite that causes us so much upset? That dimpling under the skin resembling orange peel that appears on the fat collection areas of the body, legs, bum, arms and tummy.

It’s basically just trapped fat. This does not mean that it is caused by having too much fat in your body. Even the slimmest of women carry some body fat and remember it is necessary for a healthy body and appearance although it doesn’t feel that way does it?


Fibrous connecting tissue runs through these fat layers. Depending on how thin your skin is and how these
connective tissues are arranged you may be more prone to cellulite, which is basically the fat bulging against the tissue.

This creates a dimpling effect, commonly referred to as ‘orange peel’. Unfortunately our skin changes as we get older, which can result in a worsening of cellulite. The connective tissue becomes less flexible as we age which results in further squeezing of our body fat, resulting in cellulite which is more puckered inwards.