What causes Cellulite?

The causes of cellulite are much debated with some medical practitioners in the UK even denying that the condition exists. There a number of theories and they are:

Many believe that hormones are a factor in causing cellulite. So, it goes without saying that at times of hormonal upheaval, cellulite may get worse.

Family history again plays a part in our make up. You may be predisposed to reacting to certain stimuli resulting in cellulite.

Your Diet
There is a belief that if you eat certain known bad foods that they migrate to the fatty areas and develop Cellulite. It therefore follows that if you eat a good healthy diet you should be able to diminish or clear Cellulite from those areas.

A high intake of salt is said to be a factor and if you eat convenience foods then you are taking in a lot of salt without even shaking the salt cellar. Read our take on smart diet swaps

A diet high in acidic foods can contribute to Cellulite. A good diet should contain no more than 20% of these foods. Read our take on acidic versus alkaline foods and take a look at the Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid too

Sluggish System
A system that is a bit on the lazy side and that holds onto waste may increase your chances of having cellulite. Making sure you have healthy Bowels and that your Colon works well is imperative.

Some believe that smoking, sitting down all day, lack of exercise may be also be a factor.

Tight restrictive clothing
May reduce blood flow and thereby cause Cellulite

In other words – who knows? But if you are sitting guilty of any of the above maybe changing what you do will transform your dimply orange peel  into smooth peach skin.