Help your Colon to Work Better

Love-your-ColonFirst of all if you suspect that your problem is more than just a lazy system or a blip in your normal routine due to holidays or change of diet then you must seek professional advice from your GP.

But if you are one of those people whose system is a bit on the lazy side and despite eating your 5 a day you can just about manage a poor effort on the loo, then these massage techniques may help your colon deliver and thus keep you healthier.

To maintain good health it is imperative that your body gets rid of bodily waste in a timely fashion!

You could of course run to the chemist for help but why not try some self help first! It’s cheaper and better for you and will help you get to know and understand your body better.

A simple massage technique to keep it all moving.

Colon Diagram

Tennis-BallFirst of all find a tennis (or similar) ball and lie down. You need to visualise the shape of the bowel as per this diagram as it really helps understand why you do what you do!

You can see from the diagram that the corners are actually under your ribs and quite obviously you may not go along the exact line until you are more practised but no matter – you will achieve a result if done regularly.

Take the ball and start at point A (descending colon) on the diagram and roll the ball around and down to point B. Do this a couple of times. This moves any residual matter (we’ve chosen a nice word for it!) down to the point of exit and prevents a possible back up.

Then move over to point C on the diagram and again with a rolling motion follow the diagram (transverse colon) over to point A - again do this a couple of times.

Now start at point C and go all the way to point A and then down to point B.

Now start at the base of the ascending colon which is point D. With the rolling motion, roll the tennis ball up the ascending bowel to point C then across to point A and then down to point B

A good time to do this is, is when you wake up and before getting out of bed.

Once alone, won’t do it for you.  You need to make it a regular action.  It is no hardship to do it, it is actually quite relaxing.

Using Olive Oil Lemon
Taken orally olive oil can help to remove residue from the Colon. But it is hard to stomach and the only way to do it, is to have 1 third oil to two thirds lemon juice and knock it back in one gulp if you can. (the lemon juice keeps it in your stomach).

Flax Seed OilYou can also massage with olive oil too. Leave out the tennis ball and use your fingers and  the heel of your hand for a firmer touch. Followthe diagram and massage action as above.  The oil will be absorbed into the colon. Both ways are beneficial to the colon wall and soften any residue. As an added benefit your skin should look pretty good too.

This can be very relaxing massage and has a calming effect on the body.

Do this once a day if possible to make a difference.


Combined with Dry Skin Brushing   The technique is highly effective because it stimulates the lymph system to “dump” stagnant mucoid material and stimulates the bowel. Not a very nice thought but overall results in a healthier you carrying less around with you!

To learn more about how you can help keep your bowels sweet and healthy read our our topic maintaining good bowel health.