How can you get rid of Cellulite?

Well, if we take the number of possible causes above then one by one you could change those factors that are within your remit. As we say dedication from you is needed to resolve every ageing problem - trust us celebs don't look that good effortlessly.

A Healthier more Balanced Diet
Diet is the first lifestyle change, avoid those foods that you know you should and introduce a good, balanced healthy regime. Avoid a diet high in acidic foods. A good diet should contain no more than 20% of these foods. See our take on Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

In addition to a good diet, supplementation can have a good effect. Especially, Essential Fatty Acids such as Lamberts Professional Pure Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg and of course any supplement should always be taken with a Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplements as well to unlock its full potential, read our take on why take supplements.  You may also like to try Chlorella and Spirulina in a ratio of 1:2.    Both will have a detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body and will boost the immune system

Find a diet that suits you. Have a look at the Weight Management Foundation where you can find the latest information on all diets and which one is right for you, your lifestyle and your family.

Give it up
Smoking plays havoc with your circulation so if you smoke you should try to give it up (not easy we know but it can be done).

Move it!
If your job requires you to sit or stand for long periods make sure that you regularly move around.
A good exercise to do is to just bring your heel up to your bottom several times regularly during the day. This stimulates the lymphatic fluid to move (unlike blood your lymphatic fluid does not have a pump to push it around the body so it needs a bit of help).

Take a walk after lunch - it's good for your digestion too and refreshes the mind so you work more productively. Win win all round.

Clearly you are predisposed here and can’t change your genetic make-up so adopt all the advice on diet, exercise, lifestyle etc and hopefully you will take Cellulite down to the lowest level you possibly can.

Wonder Creams
The removal of cellulite is easier said than done. Cellulite can be reduced by reducing the amount of fat or by softening that connective tissue. This is an important factor to remember since there are so many topical creams and potions on the market claiming to magically dissolve the cellulite, but none of them have been proven to be effective alone and without massage or diet and lifestyle attention.

Stimulating the area that shows orange peel dimply skin can have a positive effect all round in improving the skin texture and encourage lymphatic drainage. This can be through massage or any activity on the skin that brings blood to the surface of the skin and revs ups circulation. This should be done all over the body and not just on the dimply bits. Dry Skin Brushing has for years been heralded as a great way to improve skin and your overall health.

If you do this every day before your shower or bath you should see a difference. Not only beneficial to get rid of Cellulite you should also see a difference to your skin texture especially to dry and goosy skin.

Still fed up?
Well if self help is not doing it for you maybe your haven’t given it long enough or maybe your cheating a bit – either way it’s a hard slog we know!

You could always resort to surgery and liposuction to get rid of your Cellulite. This is not a decision to be entered into lightly, not least because it can be extraordinarily expensive and painful.

This process permanently removes fat cells; however the remaining cells can still expand through time if more weight is gained so it's not a permanent one off cure. Liposuction works via the insertion of a tube into an incision made in the skin. The tube is then attached to a pump through which the fat is literally sucked out. A general anaesthetic is not required. The area is likely to be swollen and bruised for a number of weeks following the procedure.

However, many surgeons will not carry out this procedure on women over the age of 50 as we lose elasticity in our skin as we get older. Skin elasticity is required to tighten the area where liposuction has been performed. If you are considering liposuction it is imperative that you spend time researching both your surgeon and the impact of the procedure itself. Remember this is a cosmetic surgery procedure and should not be entered into lightly.

Make sure you look at all credentials and accreditations of governing bodies too, if there is a reluctance to provide any of this it's not the place for you.