Skin Brush

What's in it?

Natural Bristles set into a wooden head with a detachable handle.

How does it work its magic?

The skin is the body’s largest elimination organ. Waste is released through the pores of the skin. However, with  skin brushing you also encourages blood and lymphatic flow which helps remove unwanted fluids and wastes more efficiently. If the lymphatic system is blocked and wastes back up, you not only feel sluggish and tired, it can also affect your immune system making you susceptible to viruses and disease.

Dry skin brushing eliminates wastes through the surface of the skin, improves circulation and improves lymphatic flow and drainage.

All adding up to better skin and a better you. Increased energy and an overall feeling of improvement.

What does it feel like?

Rough and bristly and you will say "you've got to be joking" when you feel it for the first time. But trust us you will see a major difference in your skin over time if you stick with it.

What skin type does it suit?

All skin types but especially those with
Water retention
Dry Skin
Dull and dry skin
Goosey, bumpy skin
Spotty skin

Also helps:
If you have constipation
Improves the production of sebum in the skin - a good thing!
To wake you up ready to face the day (indeed some believe it is better than jogging for circulation and digestive benefits)

How should you use it?
Click here for a lesson in dry skin brushing - you won't regret it!

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Brand: Bestcare

A Natural Bristle Brush from Bestcare that will  be your new best friend. If you care about your skin and your health you need this.

Read how and why this super little product can change the way you feel here.

Natural Bristle Was £10.00
Now £9.00

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Dry Body Brushing also works well if used with a great skin drenching moisturiser