Detox Diet

OK you think you should detox, after all it is a really trendy thing to do and the fabulous and famous swear by it. But before you go any further sit back and reflect on why, how and when.

A detox regime is not something that you do one minute and not the next – it is not mix and match. It requires time, commitment and discipline. You should also be in general good health – this is definitely not for anyone with health problems of any sort. It is also not advisable if you are pregnant.

Why Detox?

Well it could be any of the following:

  • Your skin and hair have lost their radiance
  • You feel bloated, you are more often than not constipated.
  • You feel tired and sluggish without good reason.
  • Your emotions are all over the place.
  • All are symptoms of a bad diet and lifestyle.


You want to feel:

  • Energised, vibrant, with radiant skin, lustrous hair. 
  • Get you your innards working well again.

OK all this is good but you will not achieve this over a 2/3/7 day detox. However, a detox can get you into the right frame of mind and kick start your lifestyle changes. So back in the real world, turn your detox into a 30 day lifestyle change with our Food Pyramids for guidance on good foods to choose.

Check out our health advice for

How to Detox – get organised

Plan to start on the weekend or on a holiday from work.
This is best done with a friend for mutual support or on your own
Away from the family so you can concentrate on yourself, not easy we know.
Select your venue or send the family off for a jolly.
Do not accept social invitations over this time
Regard it as a break from routine and any stressful situations

The Detox - before

First of all you need to prepare yourself and your body. However long you decide to go on a detox you need to wind down and out those ‘bad’ foods and drinks from your diet.
For instance a 3 day detox means the preceding 3 days are your wind down period. This will prevent your body going into total withdrawal when you go from 5 cups of coffee a day to none. Our Food Pyramids will be a good guide for healthy choices.
During this time too you should exercise and stretch every day to boost your energy levels. Read our article on how to have a good stretch.

The Detox

There are lots of plans that you can follow such as:

  • Just water (not recommended unless under supervision)
  • Monodiet – such as apples one day, pears the next etc
  • Broth only
  • Cooked grains such as brown rice, millet
  • Smoothies
  • Juices

After the Detox

The same rule applies as the preceding days. You should not detox one day and then go back to all your old habits on the next. A 3 day detox means that you do not eat any baddies for at least 3 days (obviously the aim is that you will ditch them from your diet forever). Better still give your body 30 days holiday by choosing foods from our Food Pyramid keep up with Skin Brushing every day. Stretch, Exercise, follow our bowel tips in Maintaining Good Bowel Health including How to Make Your Colon work Better