How to get rid of Fake Tan Mistakes

Ok it's not great news but look…we’ve all been there!

First thing is Don’t Panic!  All fake tan fades and yours will too. Not great if you are going somewhere special though hence our advice to apply the fake tan a day or so before your special occasion and then top up so you have a base to start with.

I can't go out like this!
If facing the world orange and streaky is just too embarrassing for you there are a few things you could try. 

The best approach is to let it fade naturally. Scrubbing your skin can make it raw and if you’re really rough you can chaff and irritate your skin making the problem even more noticeable. Ironically this can then take longer to go than a natural fade.

Have a sense of humour and try to laugh it off; the chances are anyone who has used self tan will have experienced the same at some stage. Even the most experienced tanners!

Your facial skin is more difficult to fake tan up than your body so if you’ve gone wrong here it will fade more quickly but if you simply can’t wait and need to do something you can start with exfoliation that will remove the top layer of your skin.

We think is a great option. You should be using a good exfoliator before you tan up so it’s a good investment for self tan prep and post tan boo boos not to mention general anti-ageing skin treatment as well. This pack comes with an AHA Moisturiser too.

To tone down fake tan use a moisturising product like with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that performs by dramatically improving the rate of the cellular renewal process as well as providing superior exfoliation. Again a great anti-ageing all rounder to have whether you fake tan up or not!

Nothing like this to hand? A last resort could be in your kitchen cupboard – reach for a handful of baking soda and gently massage onto damp facial skin.

Scrub up gently all over. Nothing to hand try a handful of sugar mixed with Oilive OIl.

And as with the face products that contain AHAs such as can also help. 

For nail sonly you can also try good old fashioned denture soak.

Here the skin is a little tougher and can take a bit more scrubbing so we would suggest using Bestcare Skin Brush. Great for prepping for a tan and if you want to look after your skin and your health you should do this every day anyway, find out why here.

Or exfoliate with a good footcare product like Blinc UK Resurf.a.stic Callus

We suggest a good daily exfoliation with Bestcare Skin Brush and cover up your mistakes with sleeves and trousers – then let it fade naturally and don’t scrub away and these are delicate areas.

Take a bath instead of a shower and exfoliate gently when your skin is warm. We like [SKU:FB-BP06NEW].
Or you can go swimming; maybe when the pool is empty to avoid further embarrassment- chlorine in pool water can help fade your orange bits.

Moisturise all areas thoroughly.

Remember where you went wrong and put it right next time and don't be put you off. Have a look at choosing the right product for you here as your mistakes may have been down to your choice of formula.