The Golden Rules of Self Tan

Rule 1 PREP
If you want to have the smoothest and the most even tan there is one golden rule! Scrub up!
Here’s the fact dead skin cells will soak up self tan and develop darker– hence patchy areas and uneven texture. Think of your skin like a canvas, it needs to be clean and prepped if it’s to be a colourful masterpiece. That goes for your body and your face.

If you’re being really good and already dry skin brush everyday you’re already polished and so can go straight into application. And if you’re not already brushing you don’t know what you’re missing, read about it here.

Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish Skin Doctors Powerbrasion for super smooth skin Or shower and scrub up with gorgeous . Pay attention to areas that are notoriously dry like your knees, elbows, ankles, hands and feet as these areas also usually give the game away.

For your face try Skin Doctors Skin Doctors Powerbraision Kit to give dead facial skin the heave ho and keep wrinkles at bay too.
You should do this for a few days before you plan your tan and also afterwards to keep it looking even and fresh.

And lastly don’t wax or shave 24 hours before you fake it either.

Tanning overnight is best as your body remains cool and sweats less. Sweat interacting with self tan can affect the colour.

Shower off deodorant as this can turn self tan green and body moisturiser which can inhibit development and increase patchiness.

Cover any areas that you don’t want tanned. You can put Vaseline on lips, nipples, eyebrows, cuticles and the soles of your feet to stop staining. (Just be careful not to slip!)

Wear gloves (these come in Fake Bake Products) or chose a self tan mitt for applying and buffing your tan to an even colour.

If using a spray tan do it in the shower and then you can hose the product off your cubicle afterwards. We like the idea of having a towel to stand on too – so pick a dark colour and save it on for tanning nights only.

Have a plan, we think starting at the bottom and working upwards is best. Go easy on the feet and apply little at a time. Rub in and move on to the next bit. Fake Bake products come with gloves and a wash off colour guide so you can see where you have put the product already.

Think little and often. Don’t be tempted to go Brazilian overnight. Work up your tan gradually and add to it to achieve the colour you want naturally.

Fake Bake Platinum Self Tan for the Face

For your face adopt the same principal. Little and often and build up your tan naturally. Technology today brings us great facial self tanning with anti wrinkle skincare benefits too like [SKU:FB-FACE-APPLE] that uses stem cells extracted from a rare Swiss Apple to help boost your anti ageing quest as well as deliver a great natural glow.

We think facial self tan also works well on the back of hands to keep it really natural and it helps avoid the orange webbed finger look.

Afterwards wear loose clothes to allow your tan to develop without restricting.

Protect pillows and sheets if tanning overnight. They will tan too!

Don't shower for a least 8 hours..

If you've made a few boo boos and have some patchy areas you can try the juice of a fresh lemon to help tone down the colour. Don't rub you skin raw to try a get rid of mistakes, they will fade. Just remember where you went wrong for next time .

Once you have bronzed up you need to keep it fresh and glowing. A fake tan will fade naturally
Keep polishing and keep moisturising.
Polish every few days, top up every week and moisturise every day or as often as you can.

If your skin is dry and thirsty try a smoothing oil to lock in your tan, for a daily healthy glow go for an Oil Free silky smooth finish and for party glam pick a radiance boosting formula with shimmer.

We love Fake Bake team of tan enhancers which do the job no matter what effect you want

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