Choose the right Self Tan Product

So first things first choose the right product for you. Ask yourself three things:

  • Do you have the patience or the dare factor?
  • Have you used self tanned before?
  • Are you fair or dark skinned?

No patience or dare factor then create the illusion with a faux tan that glams up your complexion and then washes off afterwards. So no DHA and relatively fool proof. Smoothes on like make-up - just make sure you have polished skin first. We love Fake Bake Fake Bake Faux Glo because it's a great natural colour. If it's dark for you simply mix with a moisturiser.

As a rule of thumb if you’re fair or a novice go for a gradual, light tan like Fake Bake Fake Bake Gradual Self-Tan for Fair Skin or try [SKU:FB-AEROSOLNEW]  which gives a light covering. Avoid anything that mentions dark, deep or extreme if you are fair, if you have grey or very blond hair.

Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Fake Bake Gradual Self Tan For Fair Skin Fake Bake Airbrush Self Tan
If you’re dark skinned, brunette or an experienced self tanner then the world’s your oyster. For a natural looking tan we love and if you really want that Brazilian beach bronze go for

Fake Bake Original Self Tan Lotion Fake Bake Mousse Instant Self Tan Fake Bake Xtreme Darkest Self Tanning Lotion
The golden rules of self tan read here