How can you treat or avoid Candida?

First, you should go to your doctor to rule out any underlying condition and treatment for conditions such as Thrush.

If you are sure that you have Candida then you should check that your diet is a good one to boost your immune system. You can achieve this by following a healthy diet rich in whole foods. See our Food Pyramid for optimum foods with daily amounts.

Supplement your diet with a good Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and Probiotic.

Consider taking supplements such as Bio-Acidophilus, Vitamin C, Fish Oils to boost immune system.

You may want to try an exclusion diet and exclude all foods containing yeast – you will be surprised at how wide this will be bread,wine,fermented food,mushrooms,all sugars and much more. Check all ingredient labels before buying food.

Also, if you want to determine if you are intolerant to foods, a good idea is to work with a food diary, read how to do this here

Kitchen help: Some people swear by using yoghurt as a paste to rid the vagina of thrush.