Keeping A food Diary

Keeping a Food Diary is an interesting exercise. It can reveal some amazing results. But, it must be an accurate account to be of use.

The following people / diets will gain from keeping a Food Diary:

  • To accurately record your food and drink intake. Those who think they hardly eat anything at all are stunned to realise the amount of calories they actually ingest. Or the opposite of course.
  • Dieters who do not seem to be able to lose weight – discover why
  • Those who have allergic reactions can pinpoint a trigger, either through choice of food or timing after ingesting. For example if you get a headache after eating or drinking.
  • Diets may show to be too acidic by daily choice of foods (not obvious on a daily basis but very obvious on a weekly basis). You can check whether common foods are acid or alkaline in our topic acid vs alkaline diets.
  • Where you might have skin eruptions or rashes and do not know the reason why.

Download the Food Diary pages here and try and fill it in for at least 2 weeks.

It is important that the weeks are normal (for example not on holiday) to get the best result.

If there are obvious conclusions during the 2 weeks make a swap and record it.

However, drastic measures (such as excluding all dairy) and changes should only be made once you have completed the full 2 weeks.

If you have a more pressing problem then this completed document will be useful when contacting a practioner or nutritionist.