Generally if you are in good health you should be able to control thwe the odd spat of bloatedness by following some good self help practices when you eat.   These tips are also good for indigestion

So basic rules to consider:  

  • Time – set aside time to eat
  • Sit up properly don’t slouch
  • Eat Slowly - don’t rush your food
  • Chew as much as possible
  • Digestion – allow time for you food to make it to your stomach before you rush off

We think you should look at your diet and establish the cause. If slowing down when you eat and making sure you chew your food properly doesn’t change the way you feel then you could try keeping a food diary to establish which foods may add to your bloating problem. Read how to do this here.

If bloating is uncomfortable and does not go away you should always consult your GP or a professional nutritionist.