How can you help avoid Bloating?

Identify what sets off your bloating and you have the solution in your hands. For instance if you rush your lunch, hunched over your computer and feel uncomfortable all afternoon then the answer is to stop – enjoy your lunch and take a break. After all none of us sit down at our desk for a three course tuck in ,  so how long does it really take to eat a normal lunch?   15 to 30  minutes? So sit up, stop working and enjoy your food. You will be more productive in the afternoon and certainly more comfortable.

Weather permitting too it's also a good idea to take a walk in the fresh air before getting down to work again. You will  feel fresher and more alert too.

It’s worth keeping a Food Diary to establish if your problem can be helped by avoiding foods that you have an intolerance to, read how to do this here. If you have a chronic problem and life becomes difficult you could consider going on a Food Group Exclusion Diet. This will establish whether foods are the main cause and to what degree you have the problem. Once completed you then re-introduce the food group and  note if symptoms return and take steps accordingly with your diet.

Ensure that you chew your food adequately, so that when it goes down into your stomach it is almost liquid. The reason for this is that when food is digested in large bits, these pass through the digestion system still fairly large. When these food chunks get into the intestines bacteria start to react with them resulting in gas stomach sticks out and you get wind too.

If your bloating is due to eating too much, too fast indigestion and wind take Activated Charcoal.   These tablets  absorb excess gases and toxins as they pass through the digestive system.