The beflattered team, all in our 40s, 50s and 60s has tried a load of great products available for cuticles, some of us have great nails and others not. The dividing factor is some take care and others don’t. You can’t expect to have beautiful young looking hands and nails if you leave them to their own devices. So turn over a new leaf and love your hands.

Any improvements should be carried out on cuticles and nails that are clean and polish free we love professional salon strength  which is botanical and kind to nails with Natural Vitamins, Antioxidants and Glycerine.

When your nails need neatening up then we think a glass file is a must and will last forever as long as you don’t drop it! Hygienic and more gentle on nails. We think  takes some beating and it’s small enough for your handbag. Read our take on filing nails and the perfect home manicure

As Dry Cuticles are telling you they need a drink an oil is the best way to do this quickly. The cuticle is one of your bodies gate keepers keeping out infection so chances are if your cuticles are dry your nails need attention too so you should give them both an all over quench. We love for keeping Cuticles and Nails moisturised and looking lovely with Apricot Kernel Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Soybean Oils.

You can remove Cuticle build up with a Cuticle Remover. Once on then push back cuticles gently – for this we prefer a metal tool to an orange stick that can leave splinters and harbour germs. We love Tweezerman Pushy cuticle pusher and it’s also great to keep in your make-up bag to remove any dirt from behind the nail hygienically.

ArtDeco have a dreamy [SKU:AD-6205] that promises to polish up hands and cuticles and it does just that. Leaving your hands smelling of zest mandarin and your cuticles buffed and polished.

The best all round daily maintenance for hands, nails and cuticles is a really good hand cream. Our user trial group gave [SKU:TW-075001] a big thumbs up. An Aromatherapy, anti ageing hand treat for smoother and younger looking hands and nails. That helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, tightens and firms as well as locking in moisture.

We also love [SKU:AP-M010] With Certified UMF 16+ Manuka Honey from New Zealand – that means it’s the best money can buy providing high level natural antioxidants an anti- inflammatory help for sensitive skin. So good for your cuticles if they are prone to cracking and peeling. Manuka Honey has been used by the locals in New Zealand for decades to help treat wounds and so it makes short work of chapped and dry hands too.

As we know skin regenerates over night so give your hands, cuticles and nails a real bedtime treat. We love  [SKU:AD-6218]. Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Almond Oil it’s a real supercharged boost for thirsty skin and nails. Slather on at night and pop the gloves over the top and your hands will feel like a babies in the morning.

Beauty from Within
For some treatment from within we like  [SKU: BY0124] which is sprinkled into a drink so easy to take. It’s a complete nutritional formula from natural organic sources that contains ALL known essential nutrients.

Or if you prefer a capsule format we like  [SKU: BC-14530] BioCare's a once daily formulation for adults proving great all round nutritional support for your body, your skin and your nails.

We think Biocare Hair and Nail Complex [SKU:BC-15090] that contains Lysine for growth, Horsetail extract for the connective tissue cells, Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins to help maintain healthy hair and nails is a good all round help from within or you can chose a good ready made Organic Beauty Oil like  [SKU:VR-161] or a pre blended Skin Repairing Oil [such as SKU: VR-163] to take internally every day