Pushy cuticle pusher

What's in it?

Stainless Steel

How does it work its magic?

A simple sum Healthy Cuticles = Healthy Nails

Cuticles are there to protect you and the new soft nail as it grows. Cuticles must be kept soft and in great shape, moisturised and never bitten or cut! Use this tool with a cuticle oil and gently push back a little to keep then neat and cared for. Its smooth edge with be kind to the delicate area unlike a wooded orange stick that harbours germs and can break easily.

What does it feel like?

A slim pen shape with two different ends. One for cuticle care and one for cleaning nails.

What skin type does it suit?

Dry Cuticles
Use to improve all Nail problems as part of a routine.
Healthy cuticles = Healthy Nails

How should you use it?

In conjunction with a cuticle oil - gently push the cuticle back. Never push hard or too far. Use also to clean nails and toenails instead of using one of your nails!

Always wash after use.

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Brand: Tweezerman

A safe and perfectly crafted cuticle pusher and under nail cleaner - safer than a wooden stick due to its edges that are buffed and smooth. A must for cuticle care and great nails and toenails.

As Seen  £14.40

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