How can you get rid of Dry Cuticle Build Up?

Quench their thirst first!
Give them a good drink with some nail oil and continue with this at least twice a day. More if you can.

Polish off!
Dry Cuticles as with dry skin should shed naturally but sometimes they need a bit of help. Build-up can easily be removed with a good polishing formula. Choose a fine granula scrub in oil that can be worked into hands and cuticles to give dulling dry skin cells and cuticles the push.

Push Back
Use a Cuticle Remover to remove any cuticle build up in conjunction with a good cuticle pushy tool Tweezerman Pushy cuticle pusher that eases back the cuticle. Traditionally we have used wooden orange sticks for this and whilst they do the job there are more hygienic and safe tools in metal Tweezerman Pushy cuticle pusher rather than using wood that can harbour bugs and splinters.

Pushing back can leave you with what’s called a hang nail – a jaggy bit that flaps and catches - this can be clipped off with a steady hand but don’t be tempted to clip the cuticle itself.

In the shops you will see cuticle cutters! We would never recommend cutting dry cuticles- remember they are one of the gate keepers and this would be like taking away the bouncers at a nightclub – all the rotten things then walk in unstopped. If you feel you must cut them get a professional to do it.

Love-your-handsLove your hands
Use hand cream at every opportunity. Your hands give away your age secret easily so show them some respect. Especially last thing at night. See all Hand Creams

Gloves on!
Water can have a damaging effect to cuticles and so unless in the shower of course or washing hands after using the loo always wear rubber gloves and cotton gloves for dusting! Why? Household detergents, wipes, polish etc all effect the cuticles , nails and skin. Read what household cleaners do to your hands [Chemicals and Skin.doc]

Can’t be bothered?
You can of course go and have a salon manicure to keep your cuticles and nails in check but once a week won’t do it you will still need to keep up your own care at home!

And if your own nails and cuticles really get you down you can of course fake it! With so much to chose from Stick On’s for short term to Gel, Acrylic and now Solar nails for longer term there is a lot out there to cover up the problems.

Remember though to discuss all the pros and cons and ask what will happen to your own nails and cuticles underneath, as some treatments can damage the nail plate and if you have dry cuticles now after faking it you may find them worse.

Beauty from Within
It’s well known that what you eat reflects in your skin and your nails too. Eat junk consistently and your skin and nails will, over time show it.

And even if you eat a reasonable diet, the nutrients in food cannot always be guaranteed, so taking a good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement specifically formulated for nails is good health, skin and nail insurance. Read our take on why take supplements.