What is Pitted Skin?

Skin that is pitted, bumpy and uneven is usually old acne scars and is perhaps one of the most distressing things for a women and also one of the most difficult conditions to treat.
Acne was embarrassing when you had it first and you bare the scars as a permanent reminder and sometime to the degree of social exclusion.  Doesn’t seem fair especially in today’s society where the quest is not only for youth but perfection.

Pitted scarred skin can make the face look older than its' years. Then with age as the skin thickens and loses elasticity too it can be even more prominent.

Acne can leave behind a legacy and sadly this is scarred skin tissue. It is a sign of permanent skin damage. Along with this you may also have uneven skin colouring and pigmentation marks where your skin has healed  at different rates and time frames after a breakout.