What causes Pitted Skin?

When the skin is damaged by wound, acne or an infection it is well designed to heal itself quickly to prevent blood loss and new or further infection.

In a simple explanation scars are made when the skin rapidly forms a type of 'collagen glue' that the body deposits into the damaged area – like sending out the cavalry to protect and reinforce. This 'collagen glue'initially leaves the area raised and visible.

The skin then goes about its amazing business to quickly close up the damage and reconstruct itself. Gradually the “collagen glue” is replaced with new and more invisible collagen fibres and so the job of smoothing out the damaged area to blend in begins.

What causes Pitted Skin?Pitting occurs when there is not enough collagen in the area of the wound and results in depressed scars like pockmarks and ice-pick scars.

But whatever type of scarring or skin pitting you have all you want to do it get rid of it right?

If your skin is pitted in appearance this is called 'Ice Pick' scarring and as you would image is like little nicks out of the skin’s surface. Usually quite small like the surface of a cork. (This visual is intended as a lighter way to explain the skin texture rather than showing a distressed lady). They may feel soft to the touch or hard. The hard elements being the deeper of the two.