How to Get Rid of Pitted Skin

You’ll be glad to know that whilst acne scarring is permanent damage and it will never be completely erased there are things you can do to improve the look and feel of your skin.

You can seek professional help or go the self help route as today’s home treatments are beginning to contain the same ingredients as those you can experience in the surgery.

However, if you choose the professional route you  must  discuss the desired outcome of any offered procedure with the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

You may be offered choice of a variety of treatments such as:

Chemical peel – for small scars

Dermabrasion – the original treatment for acne scarring. This can reach deeper layers within the skin than a chemical peel and so is good for deeper scars and more for pitted skin.

Laser or resurfacing of scars

Soft-tissue rebuild – in cases where the skin is very sunken this can improve and bulk out the skin

Steroid injections and topically applied steroid creams

There are many others treatments that you can find as technology is ever improving so have a shop around if professional help is the route for you.

With any of these treatments you are in the hands of your dermatologist or skin surgeon and so always make sure you check out every credential and ensure they are fully accredited.

So what can you do in the home with a bit of self help? Many of the surgical type treatments are creeping into home use.

  • Cleansers with AHAs
  • Glycolic Peels
  • Dermabrasion Kits
  • Moisturisers with AHAs and BHAs that constantly work to break down and release dead skin cells and restructure the skins surface. Some working in deep layers of the skin that in the past have not been reached through topical application.

The Key thing is to persevere and keep up a routine that will pay back over time. There are no short cuts.

Supplements – self help beauty from within
What you eat ultimately shows in your skin. So with this in mind at we think you should take a look at your diet and ensure you eat a healthy, balanced diet, read our take on this by checking out The Food Pyramid   And even if you eat a reasonable diet, the nutrients in food cannot always be guaranteed, so taking a good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement is good health and skin insurance.

And with so much information around we know how easy it is to be confused so have a look at our Top Tips to Young Looking Skin or Anti Ageing Foods and see if we can make it a bit clearer for you.