The beflattered team, all in our 40s, 50s and 60s have tried loads of great products available today on the market.   Read our take on products to help with unwanted Facial and Neck Hair.

We all do different things, some like the salon others are just too embarrassed. So if you want to get rid of your hair yourself two routes get our vote:

The first is using a depilatory kit. Skin Doctors Hair No More is a dynamic duo has been designed to remove unwanted hair and slow down re-growth on the face and on the body.

A delicate yet powerful hair removal cream that is partnered with an inhibitor spray that helps to keep hair at bay for longer whilst keeping skin looking good too!

Or we go for the pluck! Our thinking is that hair grows at different rates and on the chin especially we all agree that we don’t want to have to wait for the re-growth so we reach for the Tweezer!  We love  Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Neon Pink as the angle is good for all angles of skin surface too.

To make this easier to see the blighters we love Tweezerman Tweezermate 10X Lighted Mirror so you can get in and see right up close where the hair is to avoid rumageing around for it and damaging the skin around. It's also 10X magnified so shows up every detail! Ahhhhh quite horrible so go it alone in the bathroom!  And don't be tempted to try and dig out and pluck at a hair that's just below the surface - you'll make it bleed and scar. It'll come out when it's ready and you can make a clean extraction.

To finish use the  Tweezerman After Tweeze Soothing Cream that helps to soothe and calm the plucked area (especially great for eyebrows too!)

A must is to avoid in-growing hairs on the chin and face so make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly – this will mean also that re-growth is clean and avoids blocked pores and yellow heads.

Our favorite exfoliating option is a good home dermabrasion with Skin Doctors Skin Doctors Powerbraision Kit a real dynamic duo that really loves to give dull dead skin cells the heave ho! With Powerbrasion Intensive Crystals and a handset that rivals a professional treatment providing deep and effective exfoliation. Removing dead and dull skin cells and revealing a glowing complexion, then to further this Gamma Hydroxy™ , a day and night moisturiser continues the good work of ridding the skin surface of dullness and bringing through a gorgeous new glowing look to your skin. A win all round fab skin and no ingrowing hairs.

Gamma Hydroxy™ was specifically developed to help treat the appearance of acne-scarring but this safe, gentle, poly-hydroxy blend of super exfoliating acids can also help to slough of dead skin cells and visibly reduce the appearance of open pores, pigmentation trouble areas, wrinkles, frown lines and dull leathery-looking skin. So an all round winner for younger looking skin as well as  avoiding in-growing hair.