Why Does Hair Appear on the Face and Neck?

When we enter childbearing years, our bodies produce oestrogen, as well as testosterone, the male sex hormone. The two hormones tend to balance each other out and keep development of excess hair at bay for most of our life.

This nice cosy relationship between oestrogen and testosterone changes when we near menopause. Oestrogen levels decrease and testosterone levels stay virtually the same. Normally associated with male teenagers this inbalance of testosterone makes hair appear where it shouldn’t be on a lady!

Just how many hairs appear and how dark or thick they are depends on how much testosterone your have racing through your system. A few here and there go unnoticed any more it’s not a good look!

These seriously annoying little hairs seem to appear overnight and can be a really distressing thing – starting dark and then when you think you have got rid of it you realise its because the little pest is in fact still there because it has now turned grey.

The habit of stroking them takes over and before you know it you start checking for them at every opportunity – have a look around at women and watch how many are seeking out regrowth around the chin and neck with discreet little strokes.