How can you get rid of Facial Hair?

Bleaching is an option but we would not advise this – it simply means that you have a blonde moustache and beard instead. The hair can be more noticeable and quite yellow looking.

You can pluck the hair out with a good pair of Tweezers Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Classic Stainless. This is quick, easy and immediate – that is of course if you can see it and it is long enough. But the problem with plucking hair or using wax to remove it is that using this can stimulate the hair follicle and actually make it work harder to replace the hair again.

Also as we are likely to pluck the hair at a different angle every time – its likely to grow back wonky – and on the chin that  is a really bad look.

Depilatories Skin Doctors Hair No More can remove hair from the surface but the hair does grow back. It’s best to find a kit that offers an inhibitor lotion with it. An inhibitor is used after hair removal and works to weaken the follicle so that with long term use the follicle stops producing hair.

Waxing is an option if you have the pain barrier for it! This removes hair from the follicle base but as with plucking hair comes back. This is good for face and moustache but not so for the chin where the hair is a bit more coarse. Combining with an inhibitor is a good plan.

We definitely would advise against getting out the razor! If you take to shaving your face, much like a man's beard the hair will come back thicker than before. We’ve all seen those poor souls in the supermarket queue who were not told this!

So if all else fails seek some professional help.

In your local beauty salon or cosmetic surgery they can offer you a whole host of treatments from Laser hair removal that works best on darker hair.

There’s electrolysis treatments. Several treatments will be needed to deal with all the hair, which also makes it a time-consuming  and expensive option. Make sure you discuss the risks associated such as scarring and potential burning.

Or you can go to the root cause. Excuse the pun but since the underlying problem of your unwanted hair stems from a lack of oestrogen you do have the choice to take a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to reintroduce oestrogen into your body. Once the oestrogen levels are increased, they will again balance out the testosterone that is causing the unwanted hair growth and bye bye beard!

Talk to your GPWe are all different and we react to the Menopause and related Therapies differently. It is important that you have an open and detailed discussion with your doctor before deciding if HRT might be for you and the decision should be based on much more than just wanting to be free of unwanted facial hair.

The risks associated with taking HRT must be assessed against the possible benefits to the woman involved. There are concerns that taking HRT can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer, as well as increase the likelihood of her developing blood clots. Your doctor can tell you all about this.