Droopy Jowls and Flabby Chins

Having a flabby chin in later life is pretty synonomous with ageing. If you think your double chin or neck jowls are health related then we would always advocate you go and see your GP to rule out any underlying medical problems.

But if like most of us your neck is just giving way with age then there are some things you can do much depending on your bank balance, your patience and your pain threshold.

In the early stages of ageing necks take on a different feel. You can notice a small area in the middle of your under chin that just feels a bit more blobby and looser than the rest of your neck. In a few years time that  becomes looser, wobbly sagging skin, with lines from left to right and a skin texture that is like crêpe paper. Perhaps rough and dry to the touch. Also No much to look forward to there then! So look after your neck as soon as you can.