The first symptoms of hormonal changes to the skin

A loss of firmness and elasticity or sagging skin is one of the first symptoms that you may notice. Closely followed with the appearance of fine lines which get deeper as you age. Read why is my skin saggy or find out about wrinkles

Along with this may come extra sensitivity to your surrounding environment such as wind, the sun and extremes of temperature. You may find your skin developing characteristics of a young skin like Acne.

With ageing the skin usually becomes thinner and so spider veins are more visible or conversely your skin may become thicker and more coarse.

Another distinct change is the colour and texture . Your complexion may take on a grey or yellow tone, and some parts of your complexion may turn red and be very uncomfortable and dry. Read our topic on Rosacea and why this happens.

And if that’s not all,  age spots or patchy pigmentation marks may start to appear on your hands and face. Read our topic on What are age spots.

You may also experience other symptoms of Menopause skin which is flushing more commonly called a hot flush.

Your skin may also appear to be thicker and coarser as opposed to the translucent skin of youth.

All of the above which the exception of flushing can be also put down to ageing and its quite hard to separate the two and lay the blame in any one place. As we age we naturally go through the menopause and as we naturally go through the menopause we age.