What are Cold Sores?

A raised painful blister that develops on either the upper or lower lip, it usually arrives just when you don’t need it such as when you are going out to that party you have been looking forward to or an interview for a job.The blister invariably cracks and bleeds making it hard to talk, eat and even if you feel like it – laugh.

How long will it last?
The short answer is always too long. However, most cold sores will last between 8 to 10 days with varying degrees of discomfort and pain.

How do you know when a Cold Sore is about to erupt?
For regular sufferers the signs of an impending cold sore are instantly recognisable. Many say the attack starts with a simple tingling in the skin, which becomes more uncomfortable as time goes on and eventually results in blisters appearing on the skin. The liquid filled blisters will eventually scab over and the sore will heal until the next miserable attack.