To you,your unwanted cold sore feels the size of a football right? That awful throbbing pulse that you can feel urging you to touch has got to be one of the most depressing things.

So first of all tell yourself, as flipant as this may sound, " It's not as big as you think it is!"

Make sure your nutrition is up to scracth and full of foods that boost your immune system. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants.

If cold sores are a constant thing for you take a look at your diet. Our Food Pyramid shows the recommended amounts and portions and make sure you include lots of garlic.

Ditch from you diet or reduce your intake of high-arginine foods such as nuts, peanuts and chocolate. ( maybe this is what you turn to when you have a cold sore?? Remember it's only making it worse so find another comfort food to get you through it.

Choose one of our Multi Vitamin and multi mineral capsules

AD 206 from Biocare can help your stress levels this contains specific nutrients and plant extracts to support adrenal function during times of stress.

Taking Vitamin C is a great as it is needed for every process in the body. A good choice is a slow release Vitamin C with Flavonoids

Taking Zinc and Iron helps too.  If fresh Garlic is not to your taste you can get your intake from Garlic capsules

Adding a Vitamin B complex to your supplments can

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At the first tingle and we mean the very early tingling, squeeze the juice from a LEMON and apply with your finger to the area. Lemons are ant-viral and when applied early enough can zap a Cold sore in its’ tracks.