Dry and Cracked Lips

Since the dawn of time we women have drawn attention to our mouths as part of a display of youth, beauty and fertility. The importance we place on the appearance of a beautiful feminine mouth is undeniable; just take a look at the power pouts thrown out by pin ups across the ages.

Indeed, all women know that the look of their lips is central to the overall appearance of their face, which is why it is so debilitating to be struck by a condition that leaves the lips looking less than their best.

While most women will have, at one point or another, been affected by dry and chapped lips, for some the problem can persist indefinitely leading to a seemingly permanent and painful erosion of the upper lip layer, which can leave lips prone to cracking and even bleeding.

The problem can affect women of any age and often presents as a repetitive recurring condition, which can be really uncomfortable and embarrassing. And since your lips are a sensory organ too they are important for kissing and raising those erogenous feelings!