The beflattered team, all in their 40s, 50s and 60s have tried and tested  loads of great products.   Read our take on products to help with Sun Damage.

We believe that effective skincare is key to looking great and staying young.

Our first port of call is to keep up a good skin cell turnover. To remove the dead and dull cells from the top of your skin and reveal radiant new ones.

Our favorite product to help with Wrinkles is

This product gives you professional results of a non invasive chemical peel at home! It uses the same ingredients as professional peels used by cosmetic surgeons, but at a gentler concentration for gradual skin renewal. This unique 12-week program will gently and effectively slough away dead, dull skin to reveal fresh, bright, younger looking skin.

To go with this Skin Doctors have created a product just for Sun Damaged Skin called . This claims to reverse the signs of premature sun ageing and its got quite an impressive cocktail of ingredients waging war on old haggered skin.

 The wonder active ingredient is the cutting edge Venuceane™ which has 3 x the antioxidant protection properties of Vitamin E to protect your skin from free radical damage. Studies showed that Venuceane™ is also capable of protecting against DNA damage from UV radiation.

In trials astounding results were seen with Venuceane™ where wrinkles were seen to diminish in severity by 5 years. Also volunteers found that after 12 weeks the state, aspect and smoothness of their skin had improved by a dramatic 81%. Now that’s a show stopper of a number.

Resurfacing the skin through topical creams also helps to iron out wrinkles and we think we’ve found some pretty good ones. SKIN.NY from America have two great products that in essence do the same one is just gentler than the other.

and both contain QAL-100™ - uniquely this contains three highly active ingredients, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Acetyl l Carnitine, together these work synergistically against the effects of ageing helping to make wrinkles less noticeable. This was also the first ingredient anti-ageing complex to be written about in the British Journal of Dermatologists- a real ground breaker claiming to contain molecules that are small enough to pass through to the dermis the skin's deepest layer. It is only at the dermis that you can truly alter the skin and affect real change.

Or ff you prefer an organic product we like . The key to the effectiveness of Organic Apoteke is the way the active ingredients are delivered to where they are needed in the skin. This is via multiple micro-emulsion technology.

Organic Apoteke’s unique active complexes, “wrapped” in eight layers of botanical oils and floral waters, are designed to unfold into the skin, infusing it with nutrients as they pass from layer to layer.

Its Pentapeptide Complex acts like a supplement to collagen and elastin, providing the building blocks required to maintain a healthy skin structure for firmer, wrinkle reduced, younger-looking skin.

And don’t let your hard work go to waste – from now on ALWAYS protect your skin from UV light. We like  with UVA and UVB protection A superb non greasy facial moisturiser from Skin Doctors that protects skin from the damaging effects of the sun and maximises the results of your cosmeceutical treatments.

You should support this with an effective Skincare routine find the one for you. Personalised Skincare Regime

And if you just can’t live without a suntan try faking it. We think the best out there is 

Fake Bake has combined its award winning self-tan formula (containing premium DHA and Erythulose for longer lasting, natural looking results) with the latest anti-ageing ingredient - PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica, created from stem cells extracted from the rare Swiss apple Uttwiler Spätlauber. So a real double hit of colour and Anti Ageing so you can have your cake and eat it!

Beauty from Within
Flax Seed OilIt’s well known that what you eat reflects in your skin – eat junk consistently and your skin will, over time show it. Even if you eat a reasonable diet, the nutrients in food cannot always be guaranteed, so taking a good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement is good health and skin insurance. For general all round skin care from within we like a good dose of Flax Seed Oil, or chose a good ready made Organic Beauty Oil Complex to take internally every day.

With so much information around we know how easy it is to be confused so have a look at our Top Tips to Young Looking Skin or Anti Ageing Foods and see if we can make it a bit clearer for you.