The beflattered team, all in our 40s, 50s and 60s have tried loads of great products that are now available on the market. Read our take on products for Milia.

Dead skin cells hanging around make the skin look dull and cause Milia so our first call to action is a great cleanser.

We like   simply because whilst cleansing your skin its army of AHAs break up and dissolve the gunk that binds dead skin cells and then sweeps them away. And Avocado Oil keeps the skin smooth too for a comfortable feel.

For a home micro-dermabrasion that’s really easy we think is the bees’ knees. For all round skin satisfaction this kit will not only help to give your Milia the heave ho but will keep the rest of your face in superb condition.

Lastly we love the smell, the feel and the effect of . With 8% AHA’s so not for the sensitive- sorry! This will help keep skin younger looking and radiant. Bizarre as we know it sounds, exfoliating the skin with no bits and not having to wash it off after! This will work on your skin all day and night for all round glowing revival too. And plus with new, exposed skin more vulnerable this with give you the added protection of SPF8.

With so much information around we know how easy it is to be confused so have a look at our Top Tips to Young Looking Skin and see if we can make it a bit clearer for you.