What are your options to get rid of or diminish Milia?

Tempting we know but - Don’t squeeze, pick or pierce these little white bumps yourself as you can damage and scar your skin. And it's fruitless as they don’t have a pore opening so are not going to just pop out like a whitehead spot does.

ExfoliatingYou have several options of self help that you can do at home. Good skincare regime is the first priority. A good cleanser and an effective exfoliator ensure pores remain unclogged and dead skin sloughs off as it should. In fact when asked how to keep the skin young many dermatologists will tell you that exfoliation is key and you can kill two birds with one stone. Younger skin with no Milia!

If the condition is mild and the bumps are not located close to her eyes, using a gentle exfoliating product can help to remove the dead skin cells that cause this condition. It may take a few weeks before a difference is noticed in the skin's condition so stick with it.

Dermabrasion, peels and scrubs made for at-home use help to remove dead skin cells and open up pores. Following the manufacturer's instructions to the letter will reduce the likelihood of irritating the skin so just be careful as some peels have high levels of active ingredients.

Regular use of a moisturiser that contains AHA’s also keeps skin sloughing off effectively and so reduces the risk of Milia appearing.

When successful with self help and you have kissed those nasty little Milia goodbye keep up the good work with regular exfoliation to make sure they don’t make another visit.
Dermatologist Help
If your Milia are stubborn little devils and just won’t get lost, consult a qualified beautician or a dermatologist who can both offer you non evasive removal using specialised equipment.

If you have Milia on the eye lids, close to or around the eye area we suggest seeking professional help only. At beflattered.com the team are looking for a solution to help this but until we find one we say “don’t take any risks – your eyes are too precious get professional help”