Why is the Pelvic Floor Important?

Our Yoga Coach and Expert, Venetia Davidson, believes firmly that the single most important region of the body to take control of as we age is our Pelvic Floor. Why?

Venitia says that when the pelvic floor is lifted it is said to stop energy from escaping out of the body and so increase energy within, as well as automatically strengthening the lower abdominal muscles, supporting the very base of our torso.

Pelvic Floor pull up exercises send signals to the brain to calmly regulate, stimulate the release of the hormones from the pituitary gland (responsible those involved in sexual impulses and reproduction), this stimulates the pelvic nerves and tones the uro-genital and excretory system. Not glamorous to visualise we know but, and is reputed in Yogic practice to be a relief for depression as well as psychosomatic and degenerative illnesses. These are things to discuss with your Doctor of course.

In yoga this area is muladhara chakra (mula = root, source, foundation) and is situated at the very base of our spine, at the pelvic floor, at the entrance of the cervix.

In this area there is a bandha (lock or you could call it a pull up) called mula bandha,which can be performed by lifting the muscles of the pelvic floor (retraction of the cervical muscles). The rectum is also contracted but NOT the muscles of the anus. The very place of this bandha is in the very center of the body, extremely subtle and very difficult to isolate.

If this area is weak our pelvis is weak, we may experience seepage of urine and wind. Very embarrassing for all concerned.

Also weakness means our spine is not stemming from a stable strong base and since every movement we carry out comes from that weaker place it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out how important it is to take care of your Pelvic Floor.

If our foundations are weak how can anything we do come from a strong place, not only on a physical level but on a mental level too?