How to do Pelvic Floor Exercises

First you have to locate your pelvic floor muscles!

We asked some ladies and they didn't know where they were let alone what they are for. Out of sight all our lives and until they let us down and definitely out of mind.    It is best to start these exercises sitting down - you will get greater sensations.    Visualise the hammock and visualise the movement - it helps.
Doing these exercises regularly will also strengthen your core muscles preventing back injuries etc.

The Technique

1. Squeeze,  starting at the  back passage  moving forwards to the vagina and front passage  and pull up - with control.   Think about trying to pulling up to your navel and then back towards your spine.   Hold for a count of 5 (don't worry if you can't manage this at first).   If you do this regularly you will improve holding and time.   Hold for as long as you can.    Release slowly with control.   Rest before repeating (this is important because you can get muscle fatique).   If you can,  repeat several times a day.     Don’t hold your breath and don’t tighten up anywhere else . 

You can do the same technique lying on the floor with knees bent.   Or in a standing position.

Slow pull ups
These help to increase the strength of your pelvic floor making it easier to hold on for the loo when you have to.

  • So pull up, hold for 5 increasing to 8
  • Relax and release with control 
  • Repeat again
  • Just like exercising you might not be very good at first and holding for 5 may be impossible – getting there gradually will do the trick.

Quick pull ups
Once you have mastered the slow version.   These will help your pelvic floor muscle be strong and hold up when the pressures on, and that’s when you cough, sneeze, blow your nose or laugh your socks off. As we get older it’s well known that little leaks are common – you can help stop them!

  • Pull up quickly, hold for 1
  • Relax and release
  • Repeat again

How often should I do the exercises?
As often as you can – they will not wear you out!   And:

  • They’re FREE!
  • You need no fancy kit
  • You don’t have to change to do them!
  • You can do them anytime anywhere
  • No-one knows your doing it – it’s your little secret!


Measuring the success
If you want to test how well you are doing. Lie down with knees bent, place 2 fingers either side across the groin towards the pubic bone and do the movement described above. You should be able to feel a slight jump or tightening.

If you have a problem with leaking you’ll know it – so if you put the hard work in you should start to notice a difference. Like any exercise no input = no results.

If after weeks of Pelvic Floor pull ups you don’t see any difference, maybe you are not doing it correctly so seek advice from your doctor or physiotherapist who can help out.