What is the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is a large hammock of muscles stretching from one side of your body to the other across the floor of the pelvis.   Whilst doing your exercises it is good to visualise this hammock.   The openings of the bladder, bowels and womb all pass through the pelvic floor.

What does the Pelvic Floor do?
This hammock keeps it all in and up and  in the right place.   With poor pelvic floor muscles you may get leakage from the uretha, a prolapse through the vagina,   leakage  and wind from the bowel.    All  are slightly uncomfortable,  sometimes embarassing and if you can change the situation you should.   So, you may hate toning exercises but it is vital to keep this area toned and strong.  Use it or lose it is a good adage here.

And the beauty is you can do it anywhere - in the supermarket queue, sitting at your desk etc.  In fact, with that secret smile we think Mona Lisa was making best use of her term when sitting for Leonardo!