How to Detox Properly

Wednesday September 1, 2010 at 5:46pm

Many women have asked us about detoxing and if it really works especially after 40 or 50 years of eating too many cakes and drinking far too many glasses of good vino. Surely the damage is done now? Not so we say!

Like most things the best way to find out is to do it for yourself and see the benefits? But where do you start, what do you leave out and what is a detox all about anyway? Is it a diet or not?

There are a million books on it, Carol Vorderman Detoxes for Life, celebrities have personalised programmes devised just for them but where can you start?  Ideally a trip to a Thai Spa retreat, for some all day pampering and stroking to take your mind off food, along with some colonic treatments, purging massages and lymph drainage and you're a new person. But most of us can't zip off and do this so we need to work with what we can.

The shops and magazines are full of tablets, sachets and expensive powders to sprinkle in your bottle of water to help you detox through the day and with this comes lots of promises. But do they work? Is there an easier way to get rid of all the nasties you have eaten and downed over the years? A quick fix to get your skin looking radiant, your hair lustrous and you innards working properly? know the answer to that one "No pain no gain" really does sum up a detox. And if you cheat ... well why bother your body knows the difference between broth and tea or a smoothie and a cocktail ?

We like to be frank at and tell it like it is and quite simply detoxing is a hard slog if you want to do it properly and see the benefits. But boy those benefits are well worth it when you see how you look and feel afterwards.

So our lovely nutritionist gave us the complete low down in detoxing and doing it properly.

First here's the bad news and what you can expect during the first day/s of your Detox?

If you lead a life with alcohol, coffee, sugary foods, fatty starchy foods etc which is probably most of us, then expect to have headaches and be a bit irritable plus:

Your skin may erupt
Your tongue will grow fur
Your breathe will be horrible
Your eyes may look yellowish
Your body odour may smell different
You may feel very tired
You may feel cold (you will need to think about heating during the winter).
Your levels of concentration will be impaired
You may feel emotional
You will be urinating and moving your bowels more than usual

Don’t worry this is normal and it is your body throwing off the rubbish that you have taken in over the years, it will pass.

The results you can expect if you follow the Detox
Clear Eyes
Clear Skin
Feeling of lightness and energy
Clear Head
You may lose a lb or two
A digestive system that works better
A body that has gone from acidic to alkaline

Read our full article on detoxing along with recipes and tips to get you through it and out the other end looking better and feeling younger.

The full article on detoxing.

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