How can you help alleviate Excess Wind?

Once you have been to your doctor and ruled out any underlying cause, the remedy is to establish what is your particular trigger.

If you have a real problem with wind you may want to complete a food diary to establish exactly what sets off a bout and then avoid those foods and drinks that become the obvious trigger .

If you are in pain, the best thing is to expel the wind, just like with a baby. Get someone to rub up your back using circular movements – it really does work.

Supplement your diet with good bacteria like Acidophilus and a good quality natural live yoghurt is a great addition to your diet acting as your probiotic. Probiotic drinks are not as good because they contain fruit flavourings and a lot of sugar. Read our take on Probiotics.

Activated Charcoal can really help with excess wind.   As it passes throught the digestive system it absorbs gases and toxins aleviating discomfort.