How can you get rid of Acid Reflux?

Having been to your doctor and ruling out any underlying problems you can easily buy antacid preparations over the counter at any good chemist.  Activated Charcoal can help as it absorbs gases and toxins as it  passes through the digestive system.

Prescribed medication can also be a factor too, in this case go back to your doctor and discuss how you are feeling. 

If you smoke you should try to give it up as smoking relaxes the sphincter muscle.

Posture can be a factor see our link to Good Posture.

If you are carrying extra weight this will put pressure and result in acid reflux see our link to Food Pyramid for recommended foods and daily amounts.

Some foods and drinks make the problem worse, it is worth keeping a food diary for a typical 10 days to see if you identify patterns and thus food to avoid.

The symptoms may be worse at night, if this is the case with you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Make sure that you do not eat and drink at least 3 hours in the case of food and 2hours with drink before bedtime.
  • Try to make your last meal of the day a light one. That old adage here works very well: ‘breakfast like a queen, lunch like a duchess, and dine like a pauper’ 
  • Condiser taking Multi Vitamin & Mineral Capsule for general all round health. Read our take on this.