Why are my cuticles peeling and bleeding?

The cuticle is one of your body’s gate keepers, working to keep out infection so it’s really important you look after them to avoid infection.

Dry, Peeling and Bleeding Cuticles can be really painful, and be in the way of everything you do with your hands, second to an annoying and painful paper cut.

Cuticles like skin can dry up and when they get dry they turn hard and whiter making them easier to see and feel and easy to pick at. Chances are if your cuticles are dry and uncared for your nails are too. So look after your cuticles and by default your hands and nails will look better too.

The bleeding… well ask yourself what you do to your cuticles and any hangnails, do you pick them, bite them, gnaw at them until that bit of skin comes off in your teeth tearing vertically down your finger? OUCH! Nothing ages you quite like scraggy uncared for hands and nails!