What causes Bendy and Weak Nails?

If your nails constantly bend easily and subsequently peel or sheer off it’s usually because they have spent too much time in water. Washing up or even in the bath where your nails have become weakened with water exposure.

If your nails are constantly weak and bendy it's their way of telling you they need a bit of care and attention.

Keeping nails neat and short is the best approach rather than trying to grow them whilst weak, as you then just end up with one or two long ones and the rest shorts and stubby.

Keep nails filed neatly and avoid using a cheap nail file. Instead file in one direction with a caring glass nail file like this one  

Weak Nails might also be telling you they need more from your diet.

Health problems can also show up in the nails and if you have distinct long term problems that concern you go to your GP to rule out any underlying problems. In fact if you consult a practioner of Chinese Medicine he/she will always look and take note of your nails before diagnosis.