What can help overcome Hot Flushes and Sweats

Once you have established that you are on track to the Menopause,  then you can then start looking at your options on how to deal with this period in your life.

Although unpleasant Hot flushes can be controlled and with specific supplements can be lessened.

Diet is also a key factor. First of all eliminate those foods and drinks that will cause your temperature to rise. These are spicy foods, alcohol, hot drinks especially those with caffeine etc.

Check out our Food Pyramid for healthy choices, this will also give you optimum portions per day/week.

Look at supplementation as hot flushes can deplete the body of vital vitamins. Consider a Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplment specifically formulated for menopausal symptoms and add specific herbs such as Black Cohosh and include in your diet Soya rich foods or supplement with Isoflavones (may help to compensate for depleting levels of oestrogen).

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If you suffer badly from night sweats make sure that you only wear cotton night-clothes and only use cotton sheets.

Two layers of bed covering are a good tip because you can always fling one off and then when you inevitably feel chilled, replace it.
During the day go for layers of clothes made of natural fibres like cotton and avoid high necks, tight waistlines and anything hard to takeoff, if you need to peel a few layers away.

Carry a facial spritz with you for a quick cool down. We like with Rose Water to sooth dry skin and improve circulation and Homeopathic Belladonna  that helps to reduces heat, redness & throbbing.

Studies have shown that exercise can help prevent Hot Flushes as this improves circulation and helps the body cope with ups and downs of temperature. This should be gentle exercise and not full on intensive. Add weights and other strength training to help improve your bone density too.

It's easy to give advice but since you don't know when a Hot Flush is coming planning for it isn't easy.
We think the following may help:

  • When possible go and sit in a cool place 
  • Sip cool water
  • Breath deep and slow
  • Run your wrists under tepid cool water ( never iced cold as this will overheat your skin more)
  • Thinks of yourself in a cool place, peaceful and calm - or in your mind take a walk around a place you love, your garden perhaps or a breezy beach front.
  • If you can - take a cool shower