How can you get rid of Stretch Marks on your legs?

Beauty from Within

In many ways prevention is better than cure. If you have stretch marks as a result of yo-yo dieting consider approaching your dieting as a lifestyle change rather than crash dieting, which usually results in more weight lost and re-gained in a short period of time.

Without doubt you can improve the condition of your skin and derive more success from treatments if you look to adopting a healthy diet. Read our take on a healthy diet.

And even if you eat a reasonable diet, the nutrients in food cannot always be guaranteed, so taking a good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement specifically formulated for skin is good health and skin and nail insurance. Read our take on why take supplements.

General improvements to skin from improved nutrition will make treatments more effective than on a nutrient depleted skin.

Send Stretch Marks packing.
There are various treatments aimed at reducing the appearance and topical creams that have had some success at the early stages.

Look for products that will help heal scar tissue and synthesise collagen or that contain time tested ingredients like Coconut Oil that has long been considered to help prevent stretch marks and also products high in linoleic acid that is known to promote healing.

Also oils that contain Omega-6 fatty acids can help dramatically reduce the signs of Stretch Marks and this is found in oils such as Wheatgerm and Emu Oil too (From the fat of an Emu!).

Massage regularly paying special attention to working the cream or oil into the stretch mark area to increase blood flow. This will speed up healing time too.

Get professional help
There are many professional treatments available that include Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion and Laser Therapy to name a few. Always consult a professional dermatologist registered with a professional body for recommended treatments for you and your Stretch Marks and make sure you discuss the pros and cons prior to any treatment.