Restless Legs

This condition is very difficult to assess because the symptoms are described by sufferers very differently. The symptom that most agree on is the irresistible urge to move your legs. Because these ‘feelings’ occur every 6-10 seconds making you want to move your legs,  it is  like a toothache, hard to ignore.

The feelings are usually felt in the legs but sometimes the arms can be affected too.

The described symptoms are varied:

  • A crawling sensation
  • Ants under the skin
  • Water running down the leg
  • Like toothache
  • Deep pain in the bones
  • Pulling and tingling
  • Twitches under the skin
  • Jerking or just being uncomfortable.

These unpleasant feelings make you want to move your legs hence the term "Restless" 

The problem is worse because these feelings usually occur when you are resting, in bed or confined to a seat such as on an airline seat or in the cinema.
The symptoms usually occur in the evening and when trying to sleep, causing further problems with tiredness which if it is long term could cause other health and wellbeing problems.