How to avoid Cracked Heels

General Foot Care and health:

Always keep your feet clean and if you shower daily don’t forget to give them a wash too. Dry thoroughly with a separate towel if you can and keep that just for your feet.

Exfoliate feet weekly to polish off dead skin and prep for a good moisturise.

If your heels are cracked avoid using a rasp until they have healed.  First off, go for a super moisture fix and then once they heal up keep dry skin and calluses at bay with a foot file, pumice stone and a good foot scrub. Do this weekly so as not to over stimulate the foot and thus produce more hard skin.

Rotate your shoes as much as possible, especially sling backs and flip flops - they are great for summer but can bring on the Cracked Heels.

Don’t walk barefoot until all cracks have gone and are healed.

Exercise your feet regularly.

Eat a balance diet rich in vitamins, minerals and Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids

May sure you include your feet when you Dry Skin Brush.  Not only will your skin look better but by brushing the soles of your feet as in reflexology you stimulate other parts of your body.  Read about the great benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE!  Day and night it only takes one extra minute to slap some on quickly and then once a week go for the luxury treat full on prep – while you’re watching the tele is a good time – what else will you do with your hands? Read our take on a home pedicure.