The beflattered team, all in our 40s, 50s and 60s have tried and tested  lots of the great products available on the market.   Read our take on products to help deal with Acne.

Acne is all too common among adults with factors beyond your control i.e. Genetics. However other factors are within your control. Effective skin care, giving up the smokes, eating well and getting enough rest can lower overall stress levels and reduce the likelihood of blackheads and pimples.

In more severe cases or when acne doesn't clear up on its own, consulting with a doctor or a dermatologist is the only thing to do. Just don’t leave it too late.

We have found some really effective products that we think can help but we can not stress enough that Acne can be serious and scarring and so patch test before you use any new product.

For blemish prone skin that is misbehaving or for hormonal skin that is having a teenage moment, skin that is normal to oily we really like the Organic Apoteke Active Range. It’s certified organic, gentle and kind and doesn’t interfere with your anti ageing skin preservation which some teenage products will do by striping the skin and robbing it of moisture. 

is a soft, mild and gently active gel that lathers up to a skin smoothing anti-bacterial cleanser.

Ageing skin is not always dry skin and when your hormones go crazy this can result in oily overactive teenage skin again. This time round your skin needs more TLC, protection against dehydration and definitely no alcohol.

The toner is key here too to follow on the good work of the cleanser.  and provide your skin with Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory and Antiseptic care from Comfrey Extract,Witch Hazel Extract and of course Tea Tree Oil.

We believe that you can mix and match your skincare but in this instance we believe that keeping it simple is best for Acne. So to finish your daily routine we love the gorgeous light and soothing . A brilliantly effective face hydrator with active plant botanicals to balance sebum production that causes excessive oiliness or blemishes. It soothes the skin naturally and with a gentle anti-bacterial action that helps to prevent reinfection and heals the skin at the same time.

Lastly giving your skin a good detox can help. is great – but it does have an exfoliating action and so care should be taken if your blemishes and acne are inflamed – in this case we would not recommend this product.

This mud mask is packed with so much and it gets right to the route of the problem quickly.

  • The mineral rich Dead Sea mud base draws out impurities detoxifies, heals, decreases oiliness, improves circulation, and exfoliates.
  • Green clay clears out pores, diminishes black heads and spreads around anti microbial agents. Organic Papaya extract exfoliates revealing a clearer, more radiant complexion.
  • And if that’s not all Pineapple enzymes dissolve away dead skin leaving behind a much more even and brighter face.
  • And not forgetting a bit of TLC after all this clearing away Arginine from Wheatgerm also improve circulation to the skin whilst also healing and repairing damage along the way.

For the odd spot only we think Skin Doctors T Zone Zit Zapper takes some beating. It’s an intensive treatment that can eliminate spots in as little as 8 hours! Its unique four-way action works to deeply exfoliate and unblock pores, Dry out spots in record speed. It also cleanses the affected area and helps calms ugly red inflammation.

If you have had acne and it has cleared up completely and want to get rid of old scars we have found some great resurfacing lotions that help even out skin tone and texture revealing a younger looking skin. These are not for anyone with existing Acne! So don’t be tempted get rid of it before you use any time of active resurfacing cream

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy is a powerful one-step solution to uneven skin tone, clarity and improve acne scarring. The continual skin renewing action of powerful Hydroxy Acids work 24 hours a day like a “time released” peel to gradually resurface the skin for a clearer, more youthful complexion.

Also we, and Jodie Kidd does too, like  [SKU: SK-1001] with its amazing QAL-100™ - uniquely this contains three highly active ingredients, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Acetyl l Carnitine, together these work synergistically to resurface the skin. It also has anti ageing benefits as well and helping to make wrinkles less noticeable so an all round winner This was also the first ingredient anti-ageing complex to be written about in the British Journal of Dermatologists- a real ground breaker.

[SKU: SK-1002] a milder version for skin that needs a gentle touch.