How can you get rid of Marionette Lines?

It is impossible to get rid of them altogether!  The bad news is once they come they are here to stay unless you chose surgery.  But you can do things to make them less noticeable.

You cannot avoid the sun unless you stay inside all the time.   Our bodies need Vitamin D from the sun to help us achieve optimum health.   It is now considered opinion that we need  15 minutes of sunshine every day  best so  ensure you do get your sunshine top up when you can.    For  longer periods in the sun make sure your do it wisely and slap on the SPF.

So what can you do about Marionette Lines?

Take good care in the sun
Yeah! We know a tan makes us feel great just be sure to wear SPF and fake tan your face always!

No sun beds!

Avoid smoking and smoky environments.
Throw you and your skin a lifeline

Slow down on the alcohol

Avoid diets fads and maintain a healthy body weight.
If you must diet find one that is right for you and your family lifestyle. The Weight Management Foundation covers all the in and outs and ups and downs of most modern day diets.

Eat well
Thinking of your skin and not always your skinny bum. Read about Foods that Feed Your Skin

Drink water
Everyone’s requirement is different but try and drink as much as you can during the day and top up on fruits and veg that are high in water content, like cucumber, celery, tomatoes and juicy exotics. Water flushes out toxins and hydrates from within.

Treat your skin well
Make sure you have good skincare regime

Stress less!
Find out What Stress Does to the Skin

Balance Exercise and Rest

Don’t despair it happens to all of us and help is at hand.

If all else fails you can resort to professional help.

There are many options available from the non invasive to full blown plastic surgery all of course depend heavily on your bank balance, your patience and your pain barrier. Ouch!

There are so many treatments to pick from and technology changes all the time bringing the quest for a young looking face closer.

Make sure you check out credentials and ensure your chosen surgery accredited.

Dermal fillers are effective treatments for Marionette Lines. Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra can thicken the skin making the Marionette fold less noticeable – literally filling then out – a bit like pumping up a tyre!

Fillers can also temporarily lift the corners of the mouth as well for a youthful look.  They are not permanent and you will have repeat treatments .

Face lift surgery will produce a much more noticeable effect. 'The corner of the mouth lift' is a surgical option that has lasting effects.