Can you help your lashes grow thicker?

Lash Growth Stimulants
There are many formulations available today that help to strengthen and lashes by feeding them and encouraging growth. They usually contain high tech skincare ingredients such as amino acids to help promote the growth of healthier stronger lashes. See our range of lash improvement products for the current best buys.

As you would expect, results differ from person to person and you need to allow a good few months of use to see the difference. But without doubt clinical studies show growth.

Take care of your eyes
Don’t rub your eyes and NEVER go to bed with mascara on.

Choose a Mascara with lash conditioners or one that comes off really easily so you don’t have to rub too much.

Curl Up
Invest in a good pair of Eyelash Curlers. Always curl you lashes BEFORE mascara to avoid breaking the ones you do have.

Tint the ones you do have
Tinting your lashes permanently can make them look darker all the time and so appear less sparse. Any good beauty salon will be able to do this for you and it should last 3 months.

Fake it! Eye Lashes
You can fake in two ways.

With full on strips of lashes that are really easy to put on and take off. These have come a long way recently and can transform your eyes in an instant.

If you are steady handed you could just add a few individual lashes at the corners of your eyes or through out your lash line. But you have to be pretty good at it to ensure they all go the same way and look natural.

Sparse Eye LashesAny good beauty salon can put as many as 50 or 60 little individual lashes in for you professionally and they should last you up to 3 months and you just treat them like your own and when they fall out you nip back for top ups.

This can be pricey for really good ones! And sometimes after a good nights sleep they can go a bit wonky


Nutrition is everything
If you must diet find one that is right for you and your family lifestyle. The Weight Management Foundation covers all the in and outs and ups and downs of most modern day diets.

Eat well
Think of feeding your skin and hair, not just cutting calories   Read about Foods That Feed Your Skin.

Drink water
Everyone’s requirement is different, but try and drink as much as you can during the day and top up on fruits and veg that are high in water content, like cucumber, tomatoes and juicy exotics. Water flushes out toxins and moisturises from within.