Wrinkles on Chest

Nothing can be more ageing than wrinkles on the chest area rendering the skin like crêpe paper. When you look in the mirror, especially in the morning and see that overnight those lines have set in deeper running vertically from your boobs to your neck line it says ageing, dehydrated skin.

Whatever the size of your bust this can happen but more so if you are large busted. Your once smooth and beautifully resilient chest now shows, for all to see, your age.

Help for wrinkly chest is at hand.

First take a look at the way you sleep and try to sleeping on your back and not on your side.


Chest-A-Peel is a simple, yet revolutionary new way to preserve, enhance and take care of your chest, breast and cleavage area --keeping you younger looking.

Created by a woman, for women, this is a revolutionary pad that offers amazing results and best of all the results are seen overnight, helping to remove existing wrinkles and keeping the skin taught to prevent new ones from forming and further damage.

Just apply the pad at bedtime, and by the next morning, you'll see a noticeable reduction in both the quality and quantity of wrinkles on your chest. Affordable and durable, Chest-A-Peel is for women of all ages, and can be worn as frequently or infrequently as desired.

1. Peel the plastic cover from the back and keep it for the morning. Place the bottom point of the pad against your breastbone, and flex the edges of the pad away from your chest. 2. Move the pad towards your chest in an upward motion, allowing the edges to spread outward as the pad is firmly secured to the skin.
3. Ensure a smooth fit by moving your hands outwards and upwards. 4. When in place, the pad should be flat and smooth against your skin and feel comfortable.
5. To remove  in the morning, pull upward,from the bottom of the pad. Replace the plastic cover. 6. Younger looking chest area with less wrinkles and a smoother texture !

Helpful Hints
For best results - Lay down flat on your back in bed without bra. 

This great duo that help to keep your chest area super smooth, firm and protected during the day and nights that you're not using Chest-A-Peel

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