What treatment is there and what can you do to help?

First of all look at your diet.

If you are eating mainly junk and fast food, over processed food, sugary drinks or takeaways then you need to review your eating habits. You can either choose a diet plan visit our Weight Management Centre and choose a diet from the list and then research it fully to determine whether it is right for you.

Or you could see our Food Pyramid and shape your diet around the recommended foods with weekly and daily portions illustrated.

The Food Pyramid

The Anit Inflammatory Food Pyramid

There are two types of food pyramid so find out the how you can find the acid and alkaline balance. and why it is important.

Secondly review your activity levels. If you can’t face the gym then why not start a walking programme. If you mix up the speeds – 2 minutes normal then 2 minutes fast you will see results quicker.

Thirdly control your stress levels by changing (if you can) anything in your life that causes you hassle and therefore stress and by incorporating relaxation techniques into your day.