From the hive to the shelf, trust Comvita UMF Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey? Manuka honey, collected from Manuka (Leptosperin Scoparium) flowers, is sourced from New Zealand’s most pure and remote locations. Renowned for its rich flavour, Manuka Honey is recognised worldwide for its unique properties not found in ordinary honey. It is unsurprisingly used as a key ingredient in many products such as juices, hot drinks, soaps, hair products and sweets. Historically it has also been used medicinally for aiding sore throats, skin conditions and digestion.With a flowering season of just 2-6 weeks a year, it is definitely one of nature's special gifts. What is UMF Manuka Honey? UMF stands for "Unique Manuka Factor". The UMF grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey, and assures purity & quality. The UMF® mark is an independent certification of quality that guarantees our honey’s natural origins, from our hives in some of the most pristine parts of New Zealand. And it’s a definitive measure of the rare Manuka properties within. Why choose Comvita UMF? Every batch of Comvita® UMF® Manuka honey is independently analysed and certified for quality, purity and authenticity by the UMF® Honey Association (UMFHA). The UMF® number indicates the level of the unique Manuka properties within the honey. The UMFHA also conducts random sampling to monitor quality regularly, ensure Manuka honey carrying the UMF® mark is true to label.

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