Can you prepare for the Menopause?

And, if you can when should you start? 
The menopause is  a stage in every women’s life and there ain’t no escaping from it. However, how you will fare during this time is generally similar to your mother’s experience.

Some people talk about the menopause as though it is a trial and tribulation and has to be ‘got through’. It is not a disease, it is a natural process like pregnancy, puberty and is in fact very liberating (just think, no more worrying about a period in the middle of your holiday). But, one thing is sure, if you spend your 40’s to 50’s worrying about it, you have just added another stress to the list that modern life throws at you. And stress can be one of the causes of adding inches to your waist giving you something else to worry about see our topic How Your Body Shape Can Affect Your Health

First of all what is the Menopause?
It is the day your periods stop. That is it. Once 6 months have passed this is called the complete menopause. So, what are all the hot flushes, moods swings, disturbed sleep, erratic periods then? This is the perimenopause and this can last for a few years.

Find out more about the symptoms and stages of menopause

When does it start?
The menopause itself is the date of your last period and is generally around 50-55. So generally in your 40's you are in the perimenopause (symptoms).

So, when to prepare?
All the advice given is good for any age so it's never too late or too early to start living a healthy life.

Gather your information
First of all talk to your mum and if that is not possible to close relatives of that generation to get some idea of their experiences. But, just because one of your relatives had a bad time it is not inevitable that you will. Everyone reacts differently to experiences and situations.

What could be perceived as a hideous experience of hot flushes to one person, could just be a practical layering of clothing which can be removed and put back on to another.

Know the facts see our topic on the Menopause with relevant side topics such as Hot Flushes, Hormonal Skin changes and more

If you think you are starting the perimenopause because your periods have become erratic or you are experiencing mood and temperature changes go to your doctor for a blood test to ascertain your hormone levels. This is also an opportunity to discuss the future options further.

Find out here what a healthy diet consists of
By now you may have read through some of our topics on and will know that we advocate a balanced, healthy diet - click here for our Food Pyramid, this will help you to make the right choices for you and your family.

Keep active, continue or take up those exercises that strengthen your bones and heart such as walking, running, dancing. But, think of flexibility too with yoga, pilates and incorporate a stretching routine into your day click here for our morning stretches.

Add a session or two of swimming, cycling and tai chi and you have covered most of the body’s requirements.

Why  take Supplements? Do you really need them?

There is no point pre-empting symptoms with specific supplements. As a general all round nutrient insurance a good Multi Vitamin and Mineral together with a good diet is all you need, see our list here for your choices.

And now relax, enjoy life – you are doing your best, the future is taken care of.